Sunday, 24 May 2015

Oil pastel painting (6): Jesus.

Russia introduces a new law against 'undesirable' NGOs.


Irish referendum result: 62% say 'yes' to same-sex marriage.

Congratulations! Comhghairdeas! :)


I disagree with this kind of referendums. LGBT rights shouldn't be subordinated to 'heterocracy', since LGBT people will never be the majority in society. Nevertheless, I must admit that the Republic of Ireland is an open-minded and mature nation, as well as a participatory democracy, unlike the Kingdom of Spain, because you can't still hold this kind of referendums in this country, neither in relation to this issue nor in relation to any other issue. Ireland has given a lesson on tolerance, modernity and participatory democracy to the world today.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

EU refusal to accept migrant quotas deemed 'unacceptable'.

Spain deals with the crisis. Northern European countries make the decisions... That is indeed unacceptable